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Here at Metal Roofing Pros of Austin, we believe that not all roofs are created the same, not even the metal roofs we work on. That is why we always recommend having a roofing inspection done when you want to install a new roofing system.

When you look at aluminum roofing, it is one of the lightest roofing metals you can find, but it is stronger than most other metals. But will aluminum be the best roofing for you? Of course, it depends on the situation, the location of your home, and your roof pitch, but it does have many benefits you will love.

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With aluminum panels, you get a lightweight roofing material that is very durable with an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio. The best part is you get low maintenance with a long lifespan and are available in different colors.

Whether you want a structural roof or architectural roofing, we at Metal Roofing Pros can make it possible using aluminum panels. The metal is corrosion-resistant as it does not rust to withstand heavy coastal rainfalls and sea salt spray.

Even moving the aluminum panels are lightweight and place less stress on the structure than steel roofing systems. In addition, aluminum roofs are eco-friendly as it is energy efficient to cool down faster while reflecting the UV rays. Still, it is also recyclable, made of 95% recycled aluminum, and long-lasting.